Thursday, July 5, 2007

Chicken Salad

Home made mayo: Refer to earlier post
Chicken breast
Lemon pepper (seasoning mix)
Granny smith apple (green)
Gala apple (red)

Season chicken with lemon pepper and salt (or AlsoSalt). Grill chicken breast on a frying pan with no oil on a nonstick pan. Cut chicken into .5 inch squares, and put aside to cool. Chop celery into small pieces, and cut apples into thin slices, halved. Make homemade mayo. Mix everything together and stick it in the fridge to cool.

Use egg bread or whatever bread you desire. Toast and butter. Let it cool.
Take salad out after it has been chilled and spread over bread to make sandwich. Lunch is ready!


runaway cook said...

Yummy!!! The salad itself can be a good sanck for office break hour or a great healthy meal. Good job!

amychien said...

And the different kinds of apples are so yummy. On sweet one sour (but not too sour with the mayo! Don't worry mom!)

evicious said...

oooh Apples! Sounds great! I am hungry already. Thanks for the awesome post, Amy. Since Mom can't eat apples, maybe you can substitute it with jicama?

amychien said...

Oh yeah I forgot mom can't eat apples! Sorry! You can alsp substitute green pears and asian pears instead!