Friday, June 1, 2007

Ready, set, blog!

Tonight while eating my lackluster dinner, I started reading recipes from my trip in Taiwan and wishing that I had some of the mushroom stirfry from Auntie #1's house back in April.

I realized that just about everyone in our family is a food expert. You all have been my culinary and gastronic guides. Some of you know that I have been wanting to gather a family cookbook, so here I have set up a space where we can share everything and anything gastronomic:
a new recipe
an interesting dish you ate at a restaurant
a new food discovery
a good book about food
a great food memory

The Blogger software is incredibly easy to use so I hope you will participate and put up some of your own posts to share!


amychien said...

I love thte idea! You're brilliant!

evicious said...

Thanks Amy! I can't wait to see what you'll post for us! A picture of Blue eating green tea cake?

amychien said...

Ahahaha. I wish I had caught him!